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PLF Launches "Operation USA"

And now finally, as 2011 - the Great Year of Global Insurrection draws to a close; The greatest battle of all begins. Operation USA is at last launched. The Peoples Liberation Front and Anonymous have watched with despair as brutal police oppress peaceful protesters in the Occupy USA movement. The police violence at Occupy Oakland, culminating in the near killing of Scott Olson - this is the final line in the sand for us. We will not tolerate the ongoing beatings, abuse - and arrests of the peaceful demonstraters across the USA in the Occupy movement. We will never forget that it was the government and police that drew first blood.



Watch The Operation USA Video CLICK HERE

Internet Freedom Fighters

The Peoples Liberation Front was formed in Cambridge, Mass. in 1985. Founded on the principle that electronic communications networks belong to the people, our original focus was the telephone network. By exploiting weaknesses in the PBX system, the PLF was able to create toll free numbers at will - and access the long distance networks. This access was then given to other allied underground groups to assist them in the global fight for freedom. In 1986, the PLF began distributing hundreds of "chingers", a device that would allow anyone to access any payphone for free. These projects were an attempt to counter the abusive pricing and access structure of the telcom monopolies at the time, and give access to the telephone networks to anyone who needed it - especially underground organizations. Eventually thousands of these devices were cloned based on our design, in effect liberating millions of dollars worth of telephone time.

In 1998 the PLF changed it's focus to the emerging technologies collectively known as the Internet. With the same basic principles, we have since directed our resources to the liberation of what has become known as the World Wide Web. We currently have two modes of operation, covert ops and public campaigns. Our covert ops division work in secret to assist freedom fighters and groups around the world by providing them with technical assistance, intelligence gathering, electronic security and cyber warfare abilities. In our public campaigns, we open up our command structure to the public to create temporary internet "armies" to launch DDoS attacks against the web based assets of the enemies of Freedom.


PLF Joins Hacker Space Race With Launch Of "Operation Freedom Star"

The PLF announces the launch of "Operation Freedom Star". The mission of this Op is simple. The Peoples Liberation Front is entering the Hacker Space Race that was initiated with the announcement by the Chaos Computer Club that they intended to launch three communications satellites of their own to help circumvent internet censorship. The PLF states that we are in this race to win, and that WE firmly intend to be the first hackers in space.

Press Release - READ NOW

Op Freedom Star Poster - CLICK HERE

Op Video - VIEW HERE

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