In all of human history, there has never been an innovation which has empowered individual liberty like the Internet.
Simply observe how the most tyrannical of the worlds regimes always pull the plug on the World Wide Web whenever their
people rise up to demand their freedom. The forces arrayed against a Free Internet are powerful and evil, and the PLF
is dedicated to fighting against them. We are prepared to go to prison, or even be killed - in this epic battle for
the very soul of humanity. We will defend a Free and open Internet with every tool and tactic at our disposal.

The Peoples Liberation Front is now, and has from it's inception been a NON-VIOLENT, pascivist group of freedom
fighters. Never have we as a group or individually EVER been so much as accused of an act of violence. No one anywhere
has anything to fear from our group, that is unless they are evil, criminal - or tyrants. Those have much to fear from
us and they DO fear us. For over two decades we have used information and technology to battle in a non-violent way to
win justice and freedom for everyone.

Our secondary mission is to assist liberation movements and groups across the globe in deploying electronic and network
technology. We also provide direct assistance to organized protests all over the world by providing technical assistance,
intelligence gathering, electronic security and cyber warfare abilities.

Finally, we have an intelligence division which is dedicated to gathering the secrets of the enemies of freedom for the
purpose of global dissemination. By turning their own intelligence techniques and technologies against them, we spy on
them spying on us. We use the data gathered in the furtherance of the above causes.

We are not in this for glory or fame. All of our members are anonymous, and bragging of any kind is strictly forbidden.
We fight for the day when fighting will be unnecessary, and all the worlds people will be free.

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